Snapshot Sports Photography
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Snapshot Sports Photography

Sharon Geiselman
16715 Oak Manor Dr Westfield, IN 46074
  • p: (317) 439-0141
Being diagnosed with diabetes in February of 2010 set me on a path that led me to sports photography. To avoid meds, I started exercising daily, cycling, playing tennis again and "sort of" running 5K's, halfs, mudathlons, duathlons, a Great Urban Race and Mean Streets. And the more I was around runners and athletes, the more I liked what I was doing. There is an energy and spirit among athletes during races and competition that is exhilerating, inspiring and contagious. As I traveled from race to race and city to city the more I heard the same thing ... everyone comes with a story ... some happy, some heartbreaking, but almost always they come to conquer something and prove to themselves they could do it ... as each person crosses their finish line, no matter the distance or time, that finish line represents an exclamation mark in that person's story ... a victory! And that led me to sports photography ... because those stories and those victories deserve to be documented, preserved and celebrated, even hung on the walls at the office or at the desk at home or on the fridge ... a daily visual reminder that "I did it!" And can do it again and again, and maybe even inspire someone else to do it too. That's the objective and passion I bring to every event I shoot and I look forward to being at your "finish line" whatever that may be, to cheer you on as though you've just finished a sub 3 marathon, because I get it, whether you are out to prove it to yourself or to just have fun, this event is YOUR sub 3!